Richard A. Bonner

Profile Updated: March 25, 2010
Residing In: Fairborn, OH USA
Occupation: Cabinetmaker, General Contractor
Children: Rebecca Anne, born Father's Day June 82
Mark S., born April 88
Military Service: United States Air Force  
Yes! Attending Reunion

Since no one that I knew from our nieghborhood ever joined the military, and since no one told me that non-conformists ought not to enlist, I joined the USAF and became a living, breathing oxymoron: a military intelligence guy.

I started as a "radio communications intelligence analyst" in Berlin and retired - ever the non-compliant one - twenty-three years later, as a MSgt assigned to the National Air & Space Intel Center (NAIC) at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. From there I travelled frequently as a targeteer, proudly directing iron & steel on bad-guys and their bad stuff.

When I discovered that entirely too many military operations had a distinctly fascist flavor, I retired, not wishing to tarnish my service to our great nation.

I'm a different kind of serviceman now, restoring historic homes and buildings in Dayton, Ohio.

School Story:

In all my years in Mr Pittavino's home-room, I insisted on NOT standing or reciting the Pledge of Allegience. I've always adamantly believed in avoiding what I consider herd behavior, and also wasn't sure I believed and consented to the words of the Pledge.

Today, I thoroughly enjoy those rare opportunitys I get to renew my pledge of allegience to our flag and our republic. When the National Athem plays, I'll be one of those rigidly at the position of attention, right hand on my heart, crisply saluting our Nation and ALL of her citizens. My favorite part is "... the land of the free, and the home of the brave." Frequently brings a tear. I trust (in fact, pledge) that the words continue to refer to us.

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Oh what an evening that will be, looking back over the years..., and celebrating where they've brought us to, today!

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