Jennifer Murray Klusman

Profile Updated: September 15, 2018
Residing In: Maitland, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Tom
Children: Maggie-26, Physician Assistant in Orlando
Brian - 24 - Works for PPG in Houston
Perry-24- Soon More…to graduate w/MBA from Rollins College

February 2018
Quick update_
Hoping to join the Reunion in September!
All is good with our family. We are still in Maitland, Florida. Our daughter Maggie is working as a General Surgeon PA. We are just beginning to plan her 2019 wedding - fun!
Brian works for PPG in Houston TX, as he pursues his Masters in Finance from
the University of Houston.
Perry, recently graduated with his MBA from Rollins College & is engaged to marry his college sweetheart in 2019. That makes two weddings in one year for my family! Fun & busy!
My husband, Tom, continues to coach Men's basketball at Rollins.
I now work as a receptionist/admin assistant for my friend's Wealth Management Firm. Keeps me busy as our nest is so empty.
I get to Pittsburgh to visit my sister & her family 1-2 times a year; usually just quick weekend trips, unfortunately - I always want more time in Pgh!
I am looking forward to hearing more about our 40th (!) reunion.
Hope all is well with everyone! ...and of course...Go Steelers!

July 14, 2014

(A quick update and an updated photo of the family)

Just have to write it...Time goes by way too fast! Our daughter, Maggie has graduated from Rhodes College and now has been very busy working as a medical scribe, in the emergency department at a local hospital. Her hope is to attend a Physician's Assistant graduate program next year.
Our sons, Brian & Perry will be juniors in college this fall.
It's been a busy summer with everyone home - we got used to an empty nest.
I am still working as a middle school counselor and I also help out as a bank Representative at a local retirement community. My husband, Tom, continues to coach basketball at Rollins College.
I haven't visited Pittsburgh over the past year, but I hope to get there sometime soon.
Hope all is well with everyone and I certainly hope we have a 40th reunion !?
Go Steelers!!

Memorial Day, May, 28, 2012

-I decided to update since my family is very busy with graduation activities. It is too hard to believe that next year, all three of our children will be in college! Our oldest, Maggie is still at Rhodes, and I've grown to love is a fun city! Our sons, Brian & Perry will start college in the fall, with one going away to Birmingham, AL & the other staying close to home at Rollins College. So, I will be entering a new chapter of my life this fall! Time goes way too fast!! I have learned it's a small world, so, if anyone has children, nieces or nephews etc, at these schools - let me know!
-I still get to Pittsburgh about once or twice a year to visit my sister Kim, who now lives in Lawrence PA., but it's always short weekend trips.
-I hope all is well with everyone. Is there any 'chatter' about a 35th reunion in 2013?
- Gotta end with 'GO STEELERS!
- I always like checking in for updates, every once in awhile - so please send your updates too!

Sunday - January 23, 2011

S-T-E-E-L-E-R-S ! Superbowl!!

Time for an update!
It's hard to believe it will soon be 2 years since the reunion. Life has been busy but fun! I am still in Orlando working as a Middle School Guidance Counselor, part-time, at a small private school. The biggest change in my life is our children. Our daughter, Maggie, is a freshman at Rhodes College in Memphis Tennessee! She is continuing her cross country running and so far enjoys college. Our sons, Brian and Perry, now 16, are high school juniors and hope to continue on the Basketball Team (state champs 2010 !) My husband, Tom, and I just try to keep up with everything. It's hard to believe that in just a few years I'll be an empty nester!! Can't time just slow down a little?
Since the reunion I have visited Pgh twice; first for a family wedding and then for my 5oth (really?) birthday, at Pike Run Country Club with my sister Kim and friends. I hope to get back to Pgh in the spring.
I hope all is fine with everyone and I look foward to the next reunion. It's so much fun checking on this website every once in awhile and reading updates! I wish everyone the best!...I'll update with new photos soon..Oh - as always - Let's go Steelers! :)

The reunion was a BLAST! I had so much fun. I am ready to do it all over again! This weekend will always be one of my best memories!
I have added some reunion pictures, and some family pictures. Hope you enjoy the pics! Please everyone, share your pictures too!
Also, most importantly, a big THANK YOU to Amy, Maugeen , Kathy, Susan and Jay for all your work making this weekend the best!

After high school I attended Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. My parents moved to Orlando during my college years and I've lived in this area ever since. After graduating, I worked with Dow Jones at the Wall Street Journal as a layout editor. It was a great job. I soon after met and married my husband, Tom, the head basketball coach of Rollins College, and no, he was not the coach while I was a student! I worked at the Journal for several years and was even able to work part-time after our children were born, but then the newsroom restructured and I quit work for a short time. I decided to go to graduate school and I earned a Masters in School Counseling. I am now a part-time middle school counselor at a very small private school in Orlando. Life is busy with three active high school kids but loads of fun. I never thought I'd know so much about basketball but being a coach's wife has its perks...I've been to many NCAA Final Fours and I've even coached a youth basketball team. But enough basketball, I am still and always will be a Pittsburgh Steeler fan! A terrible towel hangs in our house during football season! I get to Pittsburgh about once a year to visit my sister, Kim, in Upper St. Clair. I make sure my children see how far I walked from Meridian drive to the high school many mornings!

School Story:

When I remember my days in high school I think of band, rockettes and just hanging over the railing before, during and after classes, laughing and talking with friends. Got out the yearbook the other day and had fun looking at the Jethro Bodine Fan Club picture. Too much! Lebo is #1!

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Christmas, 2013
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Christmas, 2013
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New Orleans Final Four, 2012
Brian, (friend of Maggies :), Maggie & Perry
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Good memories!
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What fun!
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Howe Elementary...looking good!
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Howe II
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My kids, Brian, Maggie & Perry
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Brian, Maggie & Perry
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:42 PM
My husband Tom & Perry