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09/09/18 08:47 PM #157    

Philip A. Flanagan


09/10/18 06:55 AM #158    

Deborah Marten

Good going, John! I’ll give them another run today! Thanks for the Priceline info! 

09/10/18 09:08 AM #159    

Noreen M. Dean (Haggerty)

A hotel alternative for the reunion weekend is the new Springhill Suites-Marriot on Washington Road (uptown Mt. Lebanon). A little more expensive but you could walk to the High School and Pub and Pizza.

09/10/18 01:01 PM #160    

Kathryn Eck (Goff)

Hi - Sorry that the information that the rate was only good until August 24th- did not appear on our website.

The rate HAS been extended until September 15 - at the Crowne Plaza - at $124.00 a night - however you will need to call Samantha Blair - at GROUP SALES -directly at 412 347-0351 - and explain that you are with the Mt. Lebanon Reunion block of rooms - Leave a message for her if she doesn't answer -

Kathy Goff

09/10/18 02:18 PM #161    

Deborah Marten

Thank you, Kathy!  I just called Ms. Blair.  No problems at all.  She immediately honored the Lebo rate.  And, I'll still receive my member perks! 

Thanks again and see you soon!

Deb Marten

09/12/18 11:33 AM #162    

David A. Bracken

I was in Mr. Marflaks homeroom I cantc remember anyone in it. How sad how age catches up. Hope all is well with everyone.

09/12/18 07:58 PM #163    

Philip A. Flanagan

Thank you Kathy, I too called the hotel and got the room at the Lebo78 rate!

09/13/18 11:08 AM #164    

Kathryn Eck (Goff)

Glad it worked out at the Crowne Plaza Phil - sorry about the mix-up.  I failed to put the cut-off date on the website - my apologies - Fortunately they extended it -- they have been good to work with -

See you soon!

09/14/18 11:31 AM #165    

Wendy Abbott (Smiley)

Are there any racquetball players who would be interested in getting a game in during our 40th reunion weekend?  The Amerifit gym near Cochran and Greentree has 2 courts and they only charge $5 admission.  I'm a regular player (usually twice a week) with decent skills and would be glad to get in a game while in Pittsburgh. 

09/14/18 12:03 PM #166    

Maugeen McGrath (Stark)

Phil F. hosts pickle ball😁 at his tennis club.

I could come cheer😂

09/19/18 12:30 PM #167    


Carlton Kelly

Hey everyone! In addition to all of the great activities set up by the Alumnus Committee this weekend, the 5th Annual Mt. Lebanon Artists' Market is also being held on Washington Road (@Academy Avenue) all day Saturday and Sunday! 65+ local artists booths, food trucks, entertainment, art demos and more. Hope to see you there!

09/22/18 12:31 AM #168    


David A. Williams

Sorry I cannot attend our 40th reunion.  If anyone happens to find themselves in Fair Oaks California on 9/22/18 I will playing at the Veterans' Memorial Amphitheater in Fair Oaks,CA with The Boys of Summer (Eagles tribute).

09/22/18 01:04 PM #169    

Maugeen McGrath (Stark)

Awwww..... We will miss you, Dave💙💛

09/23/18 01:25 PM #170    

Amy H. Rodgers

Yes, Dave, we certainly did miss you!!! Wonderful to see that you followed your passion and have been performing. Great photos on your profile page! Hopefully we will see you at the next reunion :)

09/24/18 09:52 AM #171    

Julia Junker (Georges)

DAVE!! We missed you VERY MUCH and yes your name came up more than a few times (Marla, Jay, Carl, Mark McFarlin, etc etc) over the weekend but we also know how ultimately COOL you are and love and support all of your Rock and Roll efforts! lol! The Reunion was a complete BLAST and we all had such a wonderful time partying and reconnecting. I got to see Carl and Meg, and Tom and Maria as well which was AWESOME!!! Please come to the next one!!! Love you and Jamie!!! xoxoxox Julie

09/24/18 04:43 PM #172    

Kirk B. Ward

Thanks to all who worked so hard to bring off a wonderful 40th Reunion.  The evening was a ton of fun, and it was great to reconnect with old friends.  My only regret is that I didn't get around to seeing many of you.  Looking forward to a 50th.

09/25/18 06:59 AM #173    

Mary Eve Kearns

Thank you to everyone on the committee for organizing such a fabulous reunion weekend. I enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting new ones .i just wish we had more time to interact with more people. It was great how so many of our class traveled to be here. 

09/25/18 07:25 AM #174    

Darla Davis (Hedlund)

Thank you Committee members for a memorable weekend!  So much fun catching up with friends, reconnecting and meeting new friends. We should get together more often.

09/27/18 08:05 AM #175    

Christy M. Long (Walton)

I've been enjoying all the photo's of the 40th reunion.  So happy everyone had a great time.  Maybe I'll be in a better position to make it to the 50th reunion.  Christy :)

09/27/18 04:51 PM #176    

Philip A. Flanagan

Thank you to the Lebo78 40th Reunion Committee for a job well done! I had a great time. We all had a great time! A special thanks to Amy Rogers for the great pics! 

09/27/18 08:37 PM #177    

Monette M. Shuttleworth

Dear Classmates of '78,

Thank you all for such a lovely and truly heart-warming reunion! I felt blessed to be surrounded by such amazing friends! The entire weekend was absolutely planned with much attention to detail right down to the cookie table and of course, Jay Black's spin tunes list!!! I The photos look great!!  Peace to all... Monette



09/28/18 07:18 AM #178    

Darla Davis (Hedlund)

Amy ~ Love the photos!  Great memories 

09/29/18 03:57 PM #179    

Laurie Lammert (Templin)

I cannot believe our Reunion was one week ago! I was left after the Reunion weekend wondering if it had all been an excellent dream, or beautiful actual reality. It certainly passed by much too quickly, without enough time to catch up with all the wonderful friends who were present for the different events of the weekend.  Thank you Reunion Committee for doing a truly superb job organizing and facilitating an outstanding weekend for the Class of 78!  A big shout out to Amy Caldwell,Kathy Eck, and Amy Rodgers- beautiful work ladies! All your stress and hard work was very visibly excellent!  Thank you to all the classmates who turned out to reconnect and share memories- it was so uplifting to be with all of you!  Can we do it again in less than ten years please?!

09/29/18 10:49 PM #180    

Carl D. Mendlow

I agree Laurie. 10 years is too long. It's so important to stay connected to the people we grew up with.That was such a special time and place.

10/01/18 11:09 AM #181    

David A. Bracken

Who all had Mr. Marflak's for homeroom?

Also. Would anyone remember Mary grace Bodner and James Bolich?

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