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10/31/08 08:23 AM #130    

John L. Albert

Eric the video is awesome! The music selection is fabulous! Thank you

11/01/08 10:35 AM #131    

Regina Lackner (Ehrhart)


Amazing video! Folks, how awesome that we had at least two people step up and take such great video and pictures of all of us...amazing..thanks again, Eric

11/17/08 12:11 AM #132    

John L. Albert

Does anyone have any pics of me and my bike in front of Daves coffee shop?

12/02/08 10:09 PM #133    

Monica L. McCann (Marks)

Lots of good conversation at the Thanksgiving get together...unfortunately I will not be able to make it on 12/27...perhaps the Easter get together or a picnic in the summer...who's up for it?

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holiday season

12/20/08 10:26 AM #134    

Susan Harding (Doak)

Thank you again Amy and Eric for such a us all a DVD to remember that wonderful weekend! Happy Holidays to you and to all Lebo Class of '78!!

12/24/08 11:16 AM #135    

Greg Hohman

I'm looking for a copy of the program for the senior year production of Antigone.

12/31/08 08:09 AM #136    

John L. Albert

May the New Year bring you and your families Joy and Happiness.
Happy New Year

01/05/09 03:12 PM #137    

Deborah Trapp

Hello everyone - sorry was not online before the Holidays but wish everyone well and thought this would be the best way to forum my Wishes....wish I was in the 'burgh to meet up with you all at Carbona's ....but I can't - at least for the day will be back in the burgh. Take care and May everyone have a Great New Year !!!

01/15/09 10:36 PM #138    

Monica L. McCann (Marks)

Good job Laura on The Mentalist

02/01/09 11:35 PM #139    

John L. Albert

Here we go STEELERS here we go.... I wish I was there for the party..

02/02/09 12:06 AM #140    

Maugeen McGrath (Stark)


02/03/09 10:31 AM #141    

Susan Albrecht (Burke)

This is when I really miss living in Pittsburgh. Very few people here are as excited as I am about the Steelers' victory. Way to go STEELERS!

02/10/09 03:21 PM #142    

Greg Hohman

In Sunset Beach just south of LA, I watched with three Bethel Park natives. A case of a cause uniting old rivals. The intense game was punctuated by an odd emanation: A next-door neighbor would shine a flashlight through the window in vain attempts to silence our primal groans and cheers. After the win, the host opened a 20-yr-old bottle of Moët et Chandon. Only the best for the Steelers - and a guest from Mt Lebanon.

Addendum: I stopped watching football after the stories came out about brain injury, esp. the Mike Webster story.

05/02/09 09:05 AM #143    

Scott Norton

What an awesome video from Eric! Great job!
Sorry I missed the great event. I only recently stumbled onto this site.
What a treasure.........

06/11/09 12:48 AM #144    

John L. Albert

Go Pens!!!!!

07/03/09 03:28 PM #145    

Ilena M. Ott (Yurochko)

An Invite to all of the Fans and Alums of the past Lebo Football Teams. The parents of this year's team are hosting a Kick Off Event for the season on August 15th from 7:00pm-11:00pm at Cafe Euro. There will be a Silent Auction, a Cigar Bar, Cash Bar, Dancing/DJ by Linda/Ray Offner and the unveiling of the "Traveling Mt. Lebanon Football Museum". Tickets are $20.00 per/person with Football Alumi reduced to $10.00 per/person. If you are interested in coming out and remembering past Friday nights, please contact Barb Dean at or you can visit our website at Tickets are limited.It looks to be a fun evening and would be a great way to support the football program.

The young men have always tried so hard and it's been a tough couple of years, but we have a good feeling about this years team and hope to bring back the excitement that we had on Friday nights.

07/04/09 01:16 PM #146    

Tamara Scarlett (Scarlett-Lyon)

on this warm sunny Fourth of July (unusual for Seattle- usually warmth and sun begin right after the 4th) I'm noticing memory fragments of 4th of July events in Mt Lebanon back in our school years. Booths and games at the park ("fishing" in the little tub to win trinkets), and lots of little flags, and boring (to me) band music, and white men in plaid shorts and golf shirts, and women with not-subtle rouge streaks on their cheekbones, and watching fireworks from Washington rd above the school parking lot...

12/30/09 10:20 PM #147    

John L. Albert

Have a great blessed New Year to All.

01/05/10 01:15 AM #148    

Thomas Tattersall

I am sad to hear of Tim's passing. So many have passed so soon. It's the new Year, we're turning 50...take care of yourselves. Carpe diem: Seize each day....

01/22/10 08:43 PM #149    

Greg Hohman

Ever wanted to produce a play? I wrote one based on this website. Serious inquiries only. Strike that, exceptions made for Bonello, Agar, Cramer, Elliott, Flood, Byron, Pohl, Cunningham, Hough, Rosenberg, Standfest, Alby, “Seed,” “Gee,” “Z,” et al.

02/24/10 10:29 AM #150    

Susan Albrecht (Burke)

Check out this web site for a good laugh:
You can probably add some comments of your own!

05/31/10 11:57 AM #151    

John L. Albert


A heart felt thanks to my brothers and sisters in arms. You are not forgotten.

11/05/10 01:13 PM #152    

John L. Albert

Good Luck to the Football team in the first round of WPIAL playoffs.

10/26/11 01:24 PM #153    

Greg Hohman

I’m looking for photographs from the late 60s/early 70s of golf scenes at local country clubs for a writing project (visit Though the images will be seen by the public, the scenes will be fictionalized, wh I hope satisfies privacy concerns. Email questions or submissions to:

11/24/13 - Still looking.

02/28/13 11:37 AM #154    

Greg Hohman

Seeking photos of storefront of Ideal Sports.

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